May Newsletter, 2019

Wasn’t the end of April a crazy week, Easter and ANZAC day so close to each other, hard to remember what were work days and what were the fun days. We enjoyed a lovely Good Friday lunch with family. Cam at Monbulk Butchers prepared bone leg of lamb for me with lots of garlic wrapped in side it. The best thing was he gave me the cooking instructions, l followed them to the letter and the lamb was perfect, best l have ever cooked. Followed it up with a bread and butter pudding made with Hot Cross Buns, it was deeeeelicious, l’ve put the recipe on the blog for you to try next year.


The Lang Lang Quilt Show is on again this year, Saturday and Sunday, 4thand 5thof May. The ladies do a great job with their display and they invite several tables to trade over the weekend. One of the highlights for me are the scones, made on site and very yummy. That’s my breakfast on one of the days.


The Fig n Berry Soiree is on the 25thand 26thof May. Lisa has told me there are a lot of ladies attending, always look forward to catching up with the regular attendees who have become friends.


Mother’s Day on Sunday 12th, don’t forget to tell your mum how much you love her. If you are a mum hope you catch up with your kids, that always means a lot to me.


Looks like May is going to be just as busy as April was.


Don’t forget to visit the website, Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop. There is always something new to tempt you.


Saturday Sewing Circles…..


$20 per person. BYO lunch and nibbles. Lollies, tea and coffee and entertainment provided. You’ll also receive a 10% discount of any fabric purchased.


Sewing Circles …..

There are some places available Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. If you have some time and would like to join us you’re most welcome to join us for bit of hand stitching, a cuppa and a natter.

Cost is $5.00