Nice day to be inside, lots of rain over night, lovely hearing that on our tin roof, not a bit of blue sky to be seen. As l write there is a magpie wandering around the front yard, after a feed l assume. Seems to be having a bit of success.

Good to be able to go to the footy again, even better on Saturday night with a win for St Kilda. Footy and sewing get me through the cold wet winter.

Ray has just headed off to pick up my car from the repairers. Was hit a couple of weeks ago, l have developed a roundabout phobia, been hit 3 times on roundabouts in the last 4 years. Car all fixed, so l can move on.

Last night l finished the last stitchery for Month 15 of Cottage Garden Threads. Means l can continue working on a Liberty quilt l have been hand piecing. Have 4 quilts that have come back from the quilters, so bindings are also on my list.

Have a couple of things coming up. I am taking my shop to Fig n Berry’s Soiree. Runs for 2 days at the end of May. I am looking forward to packing up the shop. Will also be lovely to catch up with the ladies, haven’t see them since 2019. Starting to prepare starter kits this week, these will be pre sold and given out on the day. Will eliminate the mayhem at the start of the day. I will be creating a Soiree page on my website this week.

My quilt camp is not far away, l have had a terrific response, in fact it’s sold out. It’s one of my favourite weekends of the year. The girls exhaust me but they are fun to spend a weekend with. Lots of return ladies and some newbies. Even have one of my customers from the Island is calling in to say hello.

That’s it for me, catch you in June. If you haven’t stumbled upon my Face Book page l write every night before l go to bed. It’s a bit like Days of Our Lives, l have a lot to say about nothing, but l enjoy writing it.

Warm regards


Am about to put my diary on the website. Have a ripper of a month, the weather will mean you don’t have to choose between sewing and gardening.

Cheers Karen

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