A couple of days late, just wanted to wish you a happy Easter. It’s become our family tradition to host a lunch on Good Friday. Suits everyone and frees up the rest of the weekend for all of us. Last week l got back 2 quilts from my quilter, the big floral hexagon quilt that l handpieced and a little Christmas panel that l embroidered. They both need the bindings added, was hoping to have that done over the break but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. B6 of my Christmas BOM is nearly done, will aim at getting this finished before l do the bindings on those 2 quilts. Anzac Day is not far off, my ANZAC quilt will be displayed in the shop in honour of the brave men and women who fought for us. That’s one of the things l love about quilts, I have tried to make quilts that can be displayed to mark occasions we either celebrate or recognise. Christmas is easy, lots of patterns available, designers are starting to recognise other occasions. Sometimes it’s just the colours you choose, l have a Halloween table runner, just used oranges, mustards, blacks and greens. One of my favs is my birthday table runner. Even been known to take that to a restaurant and reset a table before the guest of honour arrives. Thanks to all those who have booked a bed for Quilt Camp. It’s not that far off. Always a fun weekend. This weekend l have been preparing the garden for winter. Trimming back stuff, spreading mulch, had my one burn off for the season, the green bin doesn’t cope with everything when there are so many trees around. Also had a lot of green waste when we had the hedge trimmed back. Have a brilliant month, l will catch you in May. If you want to see what l am up to l write a FB post every night, may make you smile. Cheers Karen

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