Sewing Circles

I have spare seats on a Thursday if you would like to join us.We start at 9ish and go through to 11.30. If you’d like to join us shoot me off a message. It’s $5 a session, tea, coffee and great company included.

You might like to put these dates in your calendar

*MMQS closes Thursday December 17th, 4.00pm

*MMQS reopens on Tuesday January 19th, 9.00am

* Monbulk Quilt Show, Saturday March 6th

MMQS might be closed for the summer break, but the website is always open for business. If you need anything over the break you are more than welcome to ring or email me and we can organise a time that suits us both. It’s not a drama, it’s indeed one of the benefits having a home based business.

This week l have started decorating, it takes me all day and l end up with a mess everywhere. But by the end of the day everything is tidy and our home is looking festive. I don’t do much outside, just a few bits here and there.

Last year l ditched the wrapping paper and made a stack of different sized bags which we recycle each year. I bet if you go through your stash you will find fabric suitable, just reds and green would be perfect. It really doesn’t matter. A lot quicker that wrapping individual gifts and they can be reused for years.

I may be closed over Christmas but will still be adding bits and pieces to the website. I’ll be posting on FB and l’ll be stitching every day!

Have a wonderful Christmas brea with family and friends. Rest up because l do believe that 2021 is going to be a ripper of a year.

Warm regards


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