And in a blink it’s October …..

Happy October to you. Well, if you live in Victoria it’s certainly been an interesting month. I am lucky enough to live in the Yarra Ranges, sadly we are considered Metro and so we have been in stage 4 Lockdown since around July 12. So we haven’t been able to catch up with our little grand daughter. Thank heavens for mobile phones. We get lots of pics, she’s started walking, can bark like a dog and make car noises!

Decided that this was the perfect time to develop a new website. It’s been a huge learning curve for me. I have a very patient web site designer who is working with me. He didn’t have grey hair when we started working together but l am sure he has now. This is how our conversation went one day ….. Chris l need to know how to do can’t remember exactly what it was, but this was his response, Karen its 7 minutes into the You Tube Video l have written for you. The video goes for 30 minutes. He has never given up on me but now he’s found that if he sends me a dot point list with as few words as possible l can manage. I am sure his hair wasn’t grey when we first, but l’ll put money on it that it is now. Check out the website if you haven’t, l update it daily.

You may or may not follow me on FB or Insta, but when l started working on a sampler quilt a couple of days into Lockdown l thought l would write Dear Jane post each night. I love doing it. I let Jane know how l am feeling, the good stuff and the bad stuff and many of you it seems are feeling the same way. I have made lots of new friends doing this and l love when you write back and share what’s happening in your lives and how you are feeling. l will stop writing when you stop reading.

For those who live within the 5km radius you are more than welcome to order and pay and pick up from the carport. Others have told me what they are after, l put things in the carport and they can choose. I didn’t realise the EFTPOS machine worked through glass, the things you learn ! Phone orders or email orders can be organised. I am happy to email or text pics to you so that you can make a choice. Nothing is too much trouble, it keeps me busy and it means you can start or work on or complete something new.

At the moment l am working on an Annie Downs BOM which l am loving. Have a lot of ladies who have signed up for it. Hope they are enjoying it as much as l am.

I have also been spending a bit of time in the garden, we have had some lovely Spring days and lost of rain, the garden is smiling. That’s when l plan to spend tomorrow.

Well dear friends, that’s it for me, l am off to the post office.

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