What’s New – September 2020

Welcome to my new website. My area is in Stage 4 Lockdown. We have to stay within our postcode for 6 weeks. Can’t even make a trip down to Brunswick to see our little granddaughter.  As l am almost house bound and can’t run my normal sewing circles or have people visit the shop l decided that this was the perfect opportunity to build a new and better website. 

You are more than welcome to place an order. If you live locally you are able to click and collect. I will let you know when it’s ready and you can pick it up from my letter box, bigger orders will be left at the shop door, which is at the end of the carport.

I am pretty pleased with myself, have completed 2 hand pieced quilts since March 2nd. Have had one back from the quilters, it’s on display in the shop. The next one which l made with a mixture of Liberty Cottons with some of my other fabrics thrown in is at the quilters waiting to be quilted. 

I don’t have any UFOs so was looking for another project. Thought l might give Dear Jane a go, I attempted one block and quickly decided it wasn’t for me, too fiddly. I have this wonderful book called The Block Tool. When we were hit with a 6 week lock down l thought l would aim at making 42 blocks from the book, one for every day we are in lockdown. Made the first and decided to post and for some reason l decided to pen letters to Jane each day when l shared the blocks on FB. I have had a lovely response to my nightly posts. Happy to say l am on target, managing to complete the one a day. The other challenge was that l would try to stick only using fabric from my scrap box. The only fabric l have taken off the shelf is the black sashing and a couple of fat 1/ 16ths. I feel like l have made a lot of new friends whilst writing to Jane.

I love quilting and l love the garden. Both seem to go hand in hand. I wonder if l am the only person who takes a walk around the garden every night to see how well things are growing. We have had some beautiful sunny but cold days and lots of rain. The garden is smiling.

I am going to love you and leave you, l have a block to prepare for tonight.

4 thoughts on “What’s New – September 2020

  1. Janelle Rumble says:

    I am really enjoying your chats with Jane each night and the fact that even Ray gets a mention now and then. Yes times are trying but we are almost there. I feel lucky( at times ??) our household is 3, so there is diversity.

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