What’s New – July 2020

Things have changed a lot in the last few months, so thought l’d let you know what’s happening at Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop during this current lockdown.

Sewing Circles and Stitching Day…..

Well to put it bluntly, there won’t be any until further notice.  The minute l am allowed to have small groups visit the shop l will let you know, in fact will sing it from the highest tree! You won’t want to miss that, trust me, l can’t hold a tune but l am very entertaining when l sing.

At this point in time you are still welcome to visit my little shop. I will only permit 2 customers in the shop at any one time, unless you come with a couple of mates. Your group will be welcome to shop here together.

If there are already people in the shop when you visit you can either wait in the carport, there are a couple of chairs out there and quilts to wrap around yourself or if your prefer, ring the shop, 059 683 360 and let me know that you are waiting in your car. 

I am just about to finish off my stock take. Once l do that l will get back on my website to do a little rejigging and tidying up. I plan to promote some Blocks of the Month and put together some more kits. They were really popular last time. 

I have just finished my stocktake, it was a great opportunity to pull some stuff off the shelves, nothing wrong with it but just don’t need it. So,  l will have a specials page on the website, whatever goes on that page will be sold at half the recommended retail, nothing wrong with it just don’t need it anymore. 

Have a few other ideas that l will play with over the next few days, the competition l ran last week on my FB page was fun, so think l will offer a few more of those along the way.

Please note: During Stage 3 Lockdown l will be opening at 9.00am and closing at 3.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Gives me a chance to get up to the Post Office to get any orders out.

I understand that for some reason or other my opening hours may not suit, easy problem to solve, either ring or shoot me an email, karen@mrsmartinsquiltshop.com and we can organise a time to suit both of us, the beauty of working from home. 

In between Newsletters visit me on Facebook or look for me on Instagram to find out what’s going on, what changes l have had to make and what’s new.

To be honest without my lovely customers l would really struggle through this pandemic. You guys are getting me through this.

Stay safe and well


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